Monday, August 30, 2010


No originality.
No reason to be around you.
I don't want to hang out with a more annoying version of me.

Grow the fuck up and get an identity.
One of the reasons those drug free commercials are so annoying is the fact that you don't lose individuality JUST by smoking pot.
Look at you.
You're straight edge and you're more of a sheep than half the people I know.
You baa with the herd.
You move with the herd.
You see a bandwagon and you immediately think -
"HEY; I'm gonna jump on that."

You don't realize how many people actually hate you.
You don't realize how much of a piece of shit you are.
Everything you've been since 8th grade has been a copy of someone else.
I'd say you're like the pokemon Ditto, but when Ditto isn't copying something it has a form.
Unlike you...

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