Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why do you talk?

Not exactly a hateful post.
Definitely one filled with annoyance.
Just want to share a story.
Went to Taco Bell with some bros.
Redneck gets angry for no reason at my friend Zane.
Zane starts fight with Redneck.
Redneck gets in MY face about it...
Redneck sounds goofy as hell, giving us "Words to the wise"
Another Redneck threatens to join in on the looming conflict.
I guess what bothers me is the hive mentality of groups of similar people.

All they were doing was talking.
No one threw a single punch.
They weren't saying anything other than how "we don't want to fuck around"
it was 5 of us vs. these 2 rednecks...
The only reason I didn't hit him is because it's all about who hits who first.
I'm not about to be the one to be in trouble because some 39 year old cow jockey got his jimmies ruffled.